Maintenance and Repair
Our specially trained project engineers and installation specialists will guide all of our projects to a successful conclusion – from engineering through assembly and installation to maintenance. Our close cooperation with surveyors, inspectors, and testing engineers creates transparency and trust right from the outset.
Callies 24h Notfall Dienst Brandbekämpfung

Customer Service

24-Hour Emergency Service
A high-pressure water-mist fire-extinguishing system protects material and cultural assets, critical infrastructure, hazardous operations, safety labs, and, not least, human beings against the dangers of fire – 24/7.

For this reason, Callies GmbH can also be reached 24 hours a day every day of the year – in case our services are needed, despite regular maintenance.

With a simple phone call to our stand-by staff, our contract clients will receive immediate qualified service from our engineers and technicians. If a technician has to be dispatched, we will make a short-term appointment, in order to minimize your downtime. You will benefit from the wide range of spare parts we keep in stock and from our expertise, but also from the reliability of supply from our renowned long-time system partners, such as Danfoss Fire Safety A/S.

Emergency phone number +49 911 65654-8188